Vitamin C - Calcium - Ginger Antioxidant Blend

Effective for both men and women, Noredol provides relief for redness and blemishes.

There has been speculation that chemicals called free radicals, especially reactive oxygen species, play a role in triggering inflammatory conditions appearing in acne and rosacea.  For this reason, certain cosmetics include vitamin C in their list of ingredients. However, this is a subject of great controversy and topical application of vitamin C is not a very effective treatment.  Our own research, on the other hand, indicates that oral use of a Vitamin C – Calcium - Ginger blend combined with the topical use of Noredol® Skin Care Gel or Rejuvenation Antioxidant Noredol Gel effectively reduces the symptoms of acne and rosacea.  Oral Vitamin C is an important antioxidant that counteracts reactive oxygen species damage in human tissues.  It also is necessary for skin collagen synthesis.

In our research on acne and rosacea, we found that this pill with Vitamin C - Calcium - Ginger contains an optimal antioxidant blend to alleviate acne and rosacea symptoms. Each pill contains about 450 mg of vitamin C and should be taken one to two times a day. This is higher than the recommended daily allowance of 60 mg per day of vitamin C. But numerous studies using very high amounts of vitamin C, up to seven grams a day, showed no side effects with these very high doses. (These other studies examined vitamin C as a treatment for cancer, inflammation and the common cold.) To be safe, if you are pregnant or nursing, taking medication, have bleeding or other medical problems, consult a physician before taking this product.

Noredol is different because it works on redness and blemishes!In conjunction with taking this pill orally, apply either of our Noredol® Cosmetic products two to three times a day to your affected skin areas. Take one pill in the morning and one in the evening, with or without a small amount of food. Please note that large meals may decrease absorption of the vitamin C. Usually, two pills a day are sufficient. Please take additional pills if you experience factors that trigger your skin condition to become worse, such as high intensity exercise, exposure to bright sun light, extreme temperatures or foods that trigger rosacea (for example coffee or tea). We recommend one pill each before and after the exposure.

We expect that addition of the Vitamin C - Calcium - Ginger antioxidant blend into your daily routine, along with your continued use of Noredol® Cosmetic gels, will result in further improvement of your skin appearance.