Noredol Users Talk About Noredol

"I'm so pleased with your new product Rejuvenation. I'm having such great luck with it. Thank you." Jackie-El Paso, TX

"I started using Noredol one month ago and I am so pleased with the results! My Dermatologist told me that the next step was Laser for the redness of Rosacea. I was so unhappy with my red face, and then I found the Cinna Health Products and NOREDOL. Now my face is clear of the redness. Thank you." Iddy-Dolzier, AL

"Love your product. As an MD I'm exposed to many treatments for rosacea. For my own use, my choice is Noredol." - Laura-Mt. Vernon, IL

"I've been using Noredol for about a year now and my rosacea has improved substantially with much less inflammation. My skin is also noticeably smoother. Keep making this wonderful product!!" Marilyn-San Francisco, CA

"I read a comment on person had bought something there but recommended your product over the one she had purchased on I will give you a try too." Ann-Bloomfield, MI

"This is my fourth order! I have stopped using the topical medications my doctor gave me because all I need is Noredol! Thanks so much!" Tami-Liberty, OH

"A lady in the grocery store parking lot came up to me, asked if I had rosacea, and recommended your product. Her pharmacist uses it and ordered it for her!" Jeanette-Palm Harbor, FL

"I occasionally have rosacea flare-ups, and recently purchased the smallest tube you sell, curious to see if it really worked. I started to see a difference within 2 weeks. I had a good feeling about it the first day I used it because it is the first gell I have ever put on my face that didn't immediately make my face redder than before. I am now ordering the largest tube you sell, and am so excited I finally found something that really works. Thank You!" Christopher-Niceville, FL

"I saw no where to make comments on your product, so I am writing here. I had a TCA 25 % chemical peel and after the initial peeling of my skin, my skin was red and raw. I started using Noredol and I was amazed at how it cut in half the time it took for my skin to heal. And with no burning or discomfort. I have had many peels before, so I am familiar with the healing time. I also have enlarged pores and some acne so I am hopeful that your product will help in that regard also. I am so happy I stumbled upon your site. Cinna needs to advertise this amazing product so everyone with problem skin can share in Noredol's amazing benefits. My aestician is even thinking of carrying it in her salon!!!" Debbie-New Orleans, LA

"Existing Customer. I've tried everything for my acne. Noredol is a wonderful product. I use it every night and every morning over my entire face. I may may just use Noredol in place of my moisturizer." Karen-Keezletown, VA

"Very impressed with Noredol and the continued improvement of my skin." Robin-Fraser, MI

"Don't ever stop making this cream. It is the best thing I have ever used on my face. This is the third time I have ordered and will continue." Rich-Kingswood, TX