Our Privacy Policy

We don't snoop, ever: We respect your right to online privacy. NOREDOL.COM* collects no private, personally identifiable information about you surreptitiously. There is no requirement that you provide any personal information whatsoever in order to use the free information and services on this site. You may use this site in total anonymity if you wish.

We don't spam: If you do choose to input optional personal information on these sites---such as providing name/address information to make a purchase---this information is never given out, rented or sold to advertisers.

We keep all financial and personal data private: NOREDOL.COM credit card transactions are processed on a secure server via SSL encryption. We collect only what is necessary to complete the order. In all cases, information from financial transactions is never given out, rented, or sold to advertisers.

We safeguard all sensitive data: No sensitive information of any type is stored on the NOREDOL.COM public web servers. Any records needed to complete a financial transaction or to maintain normal, private business and tax records are kept on a non-public system that is physically and logically separate from the public web servers, and guarded by multiple firewalls and other protective hardware and software devices and methods.

You may easily opt out: Simply write to support@noredol.com for human assistance.

The policies outlined on this page apply to anything and everything produced on the NOREDOL.COM and related web sites and in the associated newsletters. But please note that Cinna Health Products, a division of Molecular Research Center, Inc. cannot be and is not responsible for the content or the privacy polices of external websites to which it may provide links. These sites, agencies and external servers usually have their own privacy policies which govern activities on or originating from those external sites or servers.

Please let us know if you have any questions, concerns or comments. We also stand ready to help you in the event that you feel any practice, action, or policy here compromises your privacy in any way. In short, we want to be your partners in safeguarding your privacy here.

Privacy Contact: support@noredol.com

*This privacy policy applies to Noredol.com, Noredol.info, and CinnaHealth.org