Noredol® Cosmetics

Cinna Health Products is a division of Molecular Research Center, Inc.

Noredol® Cosmetics are designed to improve and maintain healthy skin appearance.

Noredol® Cosmetics are especially effective when applied to skin with blemishes and redness and skin stressed by age or weather conditions. The patented ingredients of Noredol® Cosmetics* were developed based on years of scientific research by Dr. Piotr Chomczynski, a renowned scientist recognized for his contributions to molecular biology and biomedicine. He also happens to be a person who experienced redness and discomfort associated with rosacea. Just as he did in his molecular biology research, he tackled this problem and developed the new and unique formula used in Noredol® Cosmetics.

For this research, Dr. Chomczynski examined compounds in mint leaf, which have a long history of safe and effective use in cosmetics and consumer products. He discovered that Noredol® (cyclohexanediol) a compound derived from a mint leaf (menthol) that is especially safe and effective in cosmetic applications. The unique formula of Noredol® Cosmeticsdoes not contain acids or peroxides that irritate and damage skin and accelerate skin aging. Doctors use Noredol® Cosmetics as a supplementary treatment to improve skin appearance and alleviate redness following procedures such as laser and chemical peels. Noredol® Cosmetics soothe and moisturize the skin. There are designed for every day use and do not interfere with makeup. Noredol® Cosmetics are highly effective in reducing visible redness while promoting a vibrant and healthy skin complexion.

According to Dr. Chomczynski:
"In my scientific career I encountered many situations when it was necessary to invent new ways of doing things. The same thing happened with the invention of Noredol® Cosmetics. I developed this invention out of necessity. I was disappointed with various traditional or 'revolutionary' treatments’. I was searching for an effective product that would maintain a healthy skin appearance and that did not involve treatment with skin- destroying oxides and acids. Since its invention, I have used Noredol® Cosmetics for over seven years."

For the best results Noredol® Cosmetic formulations combine Noredol with proprietary aloe vera and odorless garlic extracts. This successful formulation of Noredol® Cosmetics integrates advanced science with a traditional approach to skin care. 

Presently, we offer two Noredol® Cosmetics formulations:

Noredol® Skin Care Gel, a gentle formula for a basic cosmetic treatment and,
REJUVENATION Antioxidant Noredol® Gel, an effective cosmetic formula to rejuvenate skin stressed with age and/or affected by blemishes and redness.

For the most beneficial effects Noredol® Cosmetics can be supported by an oral supplement of a Vitamin C-Calcium-Ginger tablet. 

* Noredol Cosmetics are covered by US Patent 6,723,755, other patents pending.