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The life and work of Dr. Piotr Chomczynski is an incredible story. He can be characterized as a remarkable man, scientist, inventor, entrepreneur, business owner, art collector, art advocate, and Polish enthusiast. As Anne Cappel describes him, “Piotr is a scientific genius with the heart of an artist.” More


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Vitamin C — Calcium — Ginger Antioxidant Blend Announced!

We are excited to introduce our new product to improve skin appearance in people affected by rosacea or acne.

This patent-pending pill contains an antioxidant blend of vitamin C, calcium and ginger. Combining our new dietary supplement with your daily use of Noredol® Skin Care Gel will further improve the appearance of your skin. This 600 mg pill, containing 451 mg of vitamin C, can be taken twice a day with or without food. You may use an additional dose when you are exposed to aggravating factors like exercise, direct sunlight or extreme temperatures.

We recommend this dual regimen to sustain beautiful skin and improve skin appearance in rosacea or acne. Apply Noredol Skin Care Gel while using the Vitamin C-Calcium-Ginger Antioxidant Blend as a dietary supplement to nourish and support your skin internally.


"Biochemist turns blemishes into business - Former Norwood dairy site will house skin-care company"

NORWOOD - In some measure, Dr. Piotr Chomczynski feels his latest scientific venture is his way of making up for lost time.

The 65-year-old native of Poland spent much of his scientific career living under a Communist regime. He immigrated to the United States in 1986 to accept a position at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine.

A biochemist, Chomczynski (pronounced Home-CHIN-ski) has earned international acclaim for his work in genetic research. He developed a simpler, less-expensive method of extracting RNA from cells, making it possible for more scientists to conduct genetic research into diseases.

But his search for an ointment to reduce redness and blemishes from rosacea, a skin condition that he suffers from, propelled him into a new field - skin care.

Dr. Chomczynski examined compounds in mint leaf because of its long history of safe and effective use in cosmetics and consumer products. He discovered that cyclohexanediols (Noredol®), derivatives of mint leaf compounds, are especially safe and effective in cosmetics. Noredol is non-comedogenic, reduces visible redness and helps to maintain healthy skin.