About Us

Cinna Health Products is a division of Molecular Research Center, Inc.

Cinna Health Products is a division of Molecular Research Center, Inc. established to promote the research, distribution and sales of new products for sensitive skin based on natural compounds. To understand the evolution of Cinna Health Products, you first need to know a little about Molecular Research Center, Inc. and its founder, Dr. Piotr Chomczynski.

Molecular Research Center, Inc. is a biotechnology company that develops and manufactures laboratory reagents for use in molecular biology and biomedical research. It was founded in 1989 by Dr. Piotr Chomczynski after he moved to the United States from Poland. Dr. Chomczynski discovered a fast and cost effective method to obtain the genetic compound called RNA, or ribonucleic acid, from biological samples. This discovery opened new possibilities for RNA and gene expression studies because previously, RNA was very difficult to isolate from living cells and it was destroyed easily. However, scientists needed to study RNA in order to understand how genes function in both healthy conditions or disease. Now, scientists around the world use Dr. Chomczynski's methods every day to explore numerous diseases and find new ways to prevent and treat illness. To learn more about the numerous applications of his methods, you may search the web for "Chomczynski".

Cinna Health Products cooperates with laboratories in the United States, Canada and Europe to develop and bring to market new and more effective cosmetics for skin care. This cooperation has already resulted in the development of NoredolĀ® Skin Care Gel. Our scientists are continuously working to design safe and effective new cosmetics through the discovery of natural compounds and their derivatives.